Spray Bark Collars vs. Sonic Bark Collars

If you need to buy a bark collar for your dog, then you need to decide between an electric shock collar, spray bark collar, and sonic bark collar. Those are the three main types of bark collars available for sale. All of them are pretty affordable, and it’s really just a matter of preference. They all work pretty effectively.

A citronella spray bark collar releases a spray when your dog barks. A sonic bark collar emits a noise only dogs can hear. It’s a high-pitched, unpleasant sound. Either option will work to deter your dog from barking. It’s all a matter of which you prefer. The spray is a little messier than the sonic collar. Both are priced roughly equal. The problem with the citronella spray collar is that you have to buy refill bottles of the citronella spray for it to continue working. Now, hopefully, you won’t need to keep buying refill bottles. The collar should deter the dog from barking well enough that you won’t even need to use the collar.

Before you invest in any kind of bark collar for your dog, you should attempt to figure out the root causes of your dog’s nuisance barking. Sometimes, it’s a big issue that’s causing the barking. You don’t want to look over that issue and just stop the behavior. The ideal way of dealing with the situation is to get a professional dog expert to figure out the root of the problem in tandem with using the anti-bark collar.

It used to be that electric shock collars were the most popular anti-bark collars on the market. It turned out that a lot of people were concerned about continually shocking their dog to get it to stop barking. Electric shock collars are safe and don’t cause any serious physical or psychological harm to your dog. Still, a lot of people were nervous about using them. That’s when citronella and sonic bark collars really increased in popularity. Many people perceived the citronella and sonic bark collars to be more humane than the electric shock collar. That perception is wrong, but it nonetheless helped citronella spray and sonic bark collars gain in popularity.

Downside of Citronella Bark Collars

One downside of citronella bark collars is that the smell lingers. So, the dog just ignores the smell after awhile. He might keep barking. But, with an electric shock collar or sonic bark collar, the dog gets a new punishment every time he barks. Sonic bark collars tend to increase the noise until the dog stops barking. Electric shock collars work the same way. They increase in intensity until the dog stops barking. Of course, you can set either of these types of collars to have a fixed intensity. However, a citronella spray collar won’t release more spray the more the dog barks. It will usually just release a certain amount of spray when the dog barks. The sonic collar is probably more effective than the citronella collar.

Barking is a normal behavior, but excessive barking is not. That’s why these collars increase in intensity if there’s too much barking that doesn’t stop. They’re designed to stop nuisance barking. They’re not meant to stop healthy barking. That kind of barking might be good to alert the family to an intruder or stop another animal from attacking.

If you’re one of the many dog owners who have a dog with a nuisance barking problem, you just can’t put up with it. You probably have too many other things to worry about without thinking about your dog’s nuisance barking problem. You might not have time for a trainer or want to pay one. It’s a good idea to discover the root of the problem, but you should take care of the nuisance barking itself as soon as possible. An anti-bark collar is a smart, fast, efficient, and effective solution for your nuisance barking problem.

Expert Thoughts about Anti-Bark Collars

Experts disagree on whether anti-bark collars are 100% safe and effective, but if you use them correctly, there shouldn’t be any problems for you or your dog. You can even test out the electric shock collar on your hand or spray the citronella in your face. Dogs have different reactions to these things you do, but it’s still a good idea to see that it doesn’t really cause much harm or pain. A collar like this isn’t meant to be used forever. You only have to use it until you get the job done. Once your dog stops his nuisance barking behavior, you can take the collar off and fit him with a regular collar. His barking may pop up from time to time in the future, but it will probably be ordinary barking. It likely won’t be nuisance barking.

Where to Get Deals on Anti-Bark Collars

You can get some great deals on anti-bark collars on Amazon. Just search for anti-bark collars and narrow it down to the most highly-rated ones. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $25-$100 for a great bark collar. A fantastic bark collar doesn’t cost that much. You can solve your dog’s nuisance barking problem for under $100. Doesn’t that sound great? If you’re serious about putting an end to your dog’s nuisance barking problem, then you need to invest in an anti-bark collar today. There is no sense in you going through any more annoying nights of nonstop barking. These collars were designed to do all the work for you so you can just sit back and relax. You can rest easy knowing that your dog’s nuisance barking problem will be taken care of without any effort on your part.

Most pet owners just don’t know what to do when their dog develops a nuisance barking problem. No one should have to pay trainers thousands of dollars to fix the problem. You can buy a collar for under $100 that will fix the problem completely. Don’t be worried about causing lasting physical or psychological harm. Just make sure to use the collar as instructed.